Sunday, April 4, 2010

childhood innosence

as you all know i am a mother of 4 great kids. 3 of which have long gave up believing in santa or the easter bunny. which didn't quite effect me in a bad way. all part of grokwing up. however, the last one will. my son, who is 9, still believes, for now. he had questioned santa last year to us. me panic stricken asked him what he believes. he said he still believes in santa. whew. my response was, then he is real. was that my opprotunity to tell the truth?? probably. but the thought of crushing his childhood beliefs was not setting well with me. i remember years ago while attending a gathering for christmas eve. uncle joe always played santa. one year his beard was falling down. aunt sis {uncle joe's wife} said "hon, fix your beard". ahhh. i nugged her and she looked mortified. opps she said. naturally my older 2 girls heard. and did i get ther questions when we got home.

today is easter. and joey has not came with questions about the easter bunny. relief. i actually was up at mid-night, putting the basket's together wondering if this will be his last year to believe in them. the magical beings who bring toys and candy to him. does this bother me. yes it does. i realize part of growing up is to stop believing. but, he is my youngest and last child to help him believe. and its coming to an end. i love playing santa and the easter bunny. sometimes growing up is no fun.

well if this is the last year, i've had fun. but then again, if i continue to get up in the middle of the night to place present under our tree and put baskets on the table, then santa and the easter bunny is still alive.


  1. Never stop believing. I still believe in Santa and Christmas. It is a time when most people smile a little easier and show just a bit more respect to others around them. As for the bunny, well what is wrong in still believing in him? All you have to do is look at a child's eyes and the smile on their face to still believe. So for as long as I live, I will believe in both because when you stop believing that fire that burns deep inside of each of us will go out and then you are just a shell and that is no way to live the remaining days of your life.

  2. Just don't let Joey read this entry or you'll create a self-fulfilling prophecy!