Sunday, May 23, 2010

anniversary weekend

we didn't go away after we got married. couldn't afford to really. so we wanted to do something for our first anniversary. back in january we talked about going to a bed and breakfast. that didn't work out. a week or so before our anniversary wayne said, lets take a day trip to seaside. sounds good. except lets stay the night. even better. leave saturday morning come back sunday afternoon.

so our journey begins. we leave saturday at 8 a.m. wayne says we should be there by 9:30. yea ok. he says he knows several ways to get there. uh huh. i believe we got there around 10:30 or 11. apparently he made a left when he should of made a right. he didn't realize it til we saw all the freehold signs. oops, he says, this isn't right. we must be lost. we need a g.p.s. so i say lets pull in and get breakfast and ask for directions. oh i dont need directions he says. {i believe all husbands say that}. we pull into a burger king. while he went to the bathroom, i ask for directions. making sure i point out that my husband got us lost.

naturally we made it to our destination. and wayne says we were sight seeing. and oh the sights we did see.....

i do not recall what town we were in, but i've renamed it. "The Land of the Wondering Jewish People". mind you that i am not prejudice. but we both had a good laugh. for several miles, all you could see, were people walking around in their dress clothes. not unusual i know, but it was the men who had us going huh??? some had the traditional hats and clothes. others had some sort of shawl, while others, and mostly the men who were a bit larger, wore these furry hats. those i dubbed the russian jewish people. cuz that's what the hats reminded me of. now naturally we thought they were all going to their church or some sort of function. except that we only saw 1 church and they were going in all different directions. again, i dont normally make fun of peoples cultures. however, this was strange. and we had to pass threw this area twice. remember we got lost.

we had a great time on our trip, we plan on making it a yearly thing. except the getting lost part. we are sore from all the walking on the boardwalk. legs and feet mostly. but it was worth it. cant wait to go back. to the Wondering Jewish People. hope you all enjoyed what ever adventure you's were all on.

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  1. That's the same way they got to the New World. Being part Cherokee, I would offer to help train him but it could take a while and well he is just so LOST. Next time he wants to turn left and he needs to turn right, just tell him you say a flock of sheep going to the right and he'll be headed to the right like it's the only way to go. Baaaa for now.