Thursday, April 1, 2010

OH NO A NEW TOY!!!!!!!

one evening my darling husband comes home and informs me that he aquired a new toy for the kids. and when i say kids, that means him too. he continues to say it is in the back of his jeep. o.k. not something to big, right. wrong. we have to put it together. so what is it you ask..........

yup, a trampoline. already i'm worried. not over the kids being hurt mind you. but my other kid, otherwise known as my husband. the children are pros on a trampoline. their grandparents have one and their there every week during the summer. plus a neighbor had one. now wayne has been on one before. he likes to pretend he is a child and thinks his body is limber enough to do these things. like stepsledding and man hunt. last time he was on a trampoline he fell off and hurt his back and didn't want the kids to get me cuz he thought i would get mad at him. see another kid.

so now we have this trampoline up in the yard. and he has been on it. he wants to do stunts like the kids so. however their stunts are flips and things. his idea was to get on the roof of shed, jump off onto trampoline and bounce high enough to clear the fence. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. needless to say i will stock up on my first aid supplies, keep 911 programed on my phone and get a life insurance policy on him.


  1. Make sure the policy includes random acts of childish stupidity... which doesn't mean you love him any less, right?

  2. Just remember that the mighty oak was once a NUT. There may be hope?