Thursday, February 4, 2010

family wii night

my children have been wanting a wii for quite some time. and i admit i would like to have gotten one too. the kids have playstation. they've had most of those other game systems too. i'm not that great at playing those other games. i always crash the car, or lose the battle. so i stay away from them. but with the wii, i could play with them. and since you dont just sit there and play, i was game. so for christmas this past year the kids {that includes wayne and me} got a wii system. $200.00 for it. well worth the money. every weekend we play. we compete big time. "lets see who can reach pro status first". 5 of us are pro bowlers. which is amazing to me. why you ask. we have gone to bowling alleys. and let me tell you, we suck!!! amber actually drop the ball along side of her. i'm still amazed she didn't put a hole in the floor. and our lane had the cleanest gutters in the place. and naturally after throwing a horrible game you look around hoping nobody was watching you. but on the wii, pro's. strikes and spares galore. then there's baseball. now some of my children have no cordination what so ever. but they can hit that ball. we have a blast with the baseball. we yell at the little people on our teams who don't catch the ball. {of course, they don't have arms or legs. so how they run is beyond me} But we get a good laugh. the best part of this game system is, we all play together. quality family time. and with everybody's busy schedule, it can be hard to get everyone to agree on something we all can do and enjoy.

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  1. I think the entire Wii thing is lovely and all, but...

    I'd pay actual money to go with you to a genuine bowling alley. Based on your description, I'll be in for quite a show!