Wednesday, December 30, 2009

snow plowing

everyone knows how pretty the snow looks. ugly brown dead trees are transformed into beautiful scenes. mountains are more majestic. and children< and adults love to play in it. making the snowman in the front yard or sledding. and lets not forget about the snowball fights. but there is a down side to the white stuff.

driving is a nightmare, the ice, slush, yuck. my husband, wayne, has to plow. and although he makes good money doing so, he hates it. on our big snow fall this winter he spent almost 3 days sitting in a big tri-axel truck going round and round in circles, plowing a big area for a local company. he started at 11 a.m. i packed him plenty of food for his adventure in the truck. around 5 p.m. or so my phone rang. Wayne had called to see what i was doing. just finished making dinner i said. his reply was how would ya like to keep me company. naturally i said sure. he picked me up at 5:30 to join him in his plowing.

He warned me that it was boring. but i smiled and said i'm sure it will be fun. and the first 45 minutes were. then boredum crept in. it was dark and you could barely see anything. after 2 hours everything started to look the same. So i said jokingly, "i spy something white". he laughed. we could of continued to play the i spy game, but, there were only to colors. white and brown. we were plowing at a cement factory, where they make concrete underground pipes. not alot of color there.

the snow was coming down fast. you couldn't see where he had plowed. it was definatly a losing battle. occasionaly we would hit a spot that wasnt plowed yet. that became known as the unplowed territory. and we would look for those area's just for the fun of it.

finally it was time to call it a night. 10 p.m. it was a long night, even longer for him since he started his day of work 13 hours before. we drove home on unplowed streets. imagine that. (they remained that way for 4 days) and altough it was boring. no sightseeing other than snow and concrete. i still had a great time.

so, thank you for the 2ft of snow, it was beautiful to look at, even if it was a pain to drive in. and thank you to my husband, for giving us yet another adventure for us to share.

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  1. I spy something white? You went 'round and round' too many times, dearest! But ya gotta love together time!