Monday, February 15, 2010

sleep walking and talking.

Some of our adventures happen at night. no, not that, get your mind out of the gutter. there are many occasions where my wonderful husband keeps us entertained while sleeping. {I cant believe he actually said i could write about this, better get it in before he changes his mind} Anyway, Wayne, occasionally, walks and talks in his sleep.

now most of the time when this happens, he talks about work. he can be heard yelling at co-workers. or complaining about them for damaging the trucks. those nights I try to get him to stop and go to sleep. oh wait, he is asleep. There have been times he has gotten up at midnight thinking he has to go to work. It's not always easy convincing him it's the middle of the night. Get back to bed. those nights are usually a pain. However, there are other nights, nights where I get up and grab a pen a paper and start writing down what he say's. naturally for proof of what he says, and so i can remember them. these are the fun nights, or I should say funny nights. so where to begin....

he started this {I should say i noticed it} while in wilkes barre. I cant remember things that he said, but Me and the kids would listen in and talk back to him. He told us that he bought me something i always wanted and that it was purple. {my favorite color} but we couldn't get him to say what it was. Other times he would ask "Who put that ugly thing there?" when I'd ask what ugly thing he would say "you should know you put it there"

Now to tell you all everything he has said would take forever. so I'll just highlight the more memorable ones.

one afternoon {while staying at my parents} Wayne fell asleep in the livingroom. he started having a conversation with my dad. It started out innocent. Elephants were blocking a round, it seems. and the 2 of them where trying to figure out the best way to remove them. {mind you, Wayne is sound asleep. and dad is trying to keep a straight face} my mom thinks wayne is faking this, Me and dad assure her otherwise. then Wayne tells my dad how he loves my "cupcakes". parents start laughing as i turn all shades of red and wake him up. Lord only knows where that conversation would have went if i let him continue.
he has talked about kimmie on the bus with curlers in her hair. {she better take them out or her hair will look like frito's}. and giant red flies. oh and our favorite, the white raccoon. that also involves sleepwalking. one evening, around 7, during the summer, the 2 of us were in our room watching t.v and talking. seemed perfectly normal to me. He got up and left the room. i thought he was getting a drink. I was wrong. i hear the front door and then the kids coming to me asking where he was going. I went outside and found him out front of the house. I asked him what he was doing. he says he saw a white raccoon digging in the garden. Hmmm, i didn't see it. neither did the kids. He claims he could see it from our bedroom. which by the way, is at the back of the house. cool, didn't know he could see threw walls.
I've noticed when he is sleep walking that he forgets where our bathroom is. sometimes he thinks it's in the closet.{caught him before he actually did} or out in the kitchen. {didn't make that one in time, good thing the sink was empty} the shower stall.
me and the children have had alot of laughs at his expense. and of course he thinks we are making this all up. sorry babe, we're not. one day i will buy a tape recorder to prove it to him. i'm sure in the future i will have some other funny night time stories to share {now that he has giving me permission to tell them to you all} with you. i may even make a whole other blog page dedicated to his night time antics.

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