Tuesday, December 1, 2009

peter the friendly ghost.

some paople believe in ghosts. others dont. we however do. we have one that lives in our home with us named peter. i am told that a man named peter lived in our house, and died in our house. apparently he collapsed and died between doorway of livingroom and the master bedroom. it started out with me being home alone and hearing footsteps coming down the stairs. i just figured its an old house. it has its creeks and things. than one day after everyone was gone, i went to store. when i came back my closet door was open and the light was on. i know that was not how it was when i left. i called wayne at work to see if he came home to get a sweetshirt. he said no. hmmm....
other little things would happen. like shampoo bottles falling off the shelf, when noone was in there. wierd noises. harmless little things. we would always say, Peter's here and laugh. one evening me and children were watching a movie {pirates of the carribean}. i had a glider rocker, noone was near it or previously sitting in it. out of nowhere it started rocking, a good 5 minutes. we all looked at it and then look at each other. after awhile, things got quite. no weird sounds or other mishaps.
recently after months of no peter, things are happening again. noises, bottles falling of shelves. and then theres the popcorn. one night when all kids were gone, me and wayne put on a movie, relaxed in bed, and made a bowl of popcorn. we ate just over half the bowl, and laid the bowl on floor in our bedroom. the next morning we noticed only a few little bits of popcorn left in the bowl. the bowl had not been moved, there were no pieces on the floor. so it wasn't kicked in the middle of the night. we even looked for mouse droppings, thinking maybe we had a hungry mouse. nothing. plus how much popcorn could a little mouse eat. we both swore we did not have any in the middle of the night. besides were both light sleepers. we know when the other is up and moving around. hmmm...
so i guess peter is back, and he was in the mood for popcorn. it all may sound funny. or maybe everyone in this house has lost it. but how else do you explain the weird things that happen here.
peter can stay. he's friendly. noone feels scared or gets hurt. and some of his antics are funny. {like when he kept messing with the radio} a harmless old soul that has lost his way after death. he either really likes this house, or he likes to entertain us.

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