Saturday, November 28, 2009

wayne's misdeeds in high school.

on this sunny saturday morning, we were watching t.v. and wayne started telling me a few of his antics in high school. i grabbed a paper and pen and started writing them down. to his protest of course. it is amazing that he graduated and wasn't expelled. so in no particular order......

1) flipped the principals car over. he got a weeks suspension. he didn't tell his parents.
2) filled condoms up with water and drop them down the stairwell.
3) signed his mother's signature on all absent cards.
4) was dared to throw a chair to knock things of the teachers desk. he missed and hit the teacher. he had to take summer school for that class and got the same teacher.
5) put crazy glue on chairs
6) took shoes out of the gym lockers, tied the laces in knots and threw them into shower.
7) put a booger into his history teachers coffee, everyone laughed when he would take drinks from it. (gross)
8) remove all the toilet paper from the bathrooms
9) only went to school on tuesdays and thrusdays during his senior year. (and still graduated)
10) took a bag of dog poo, and put it into a teachers desk drawer where it remained for 3 days. (again, gross)
11) blow up toilets with m-80's
12) gym teacher told class if u pee in the pool a red ring would apppear. wayne says that's not true
13) fart in class, and blame it on kid next to him. (he still does that)
14) shoot paper wads at the back of teachers head
15) start food fights in cafeteria, walk out and watch from hallway
16) pull fire alarm to get out of taking a test
17) throw chewed gum into girls hair
18) would change the bus number on sub buses and watch everyone get on the wrong bus


  1. And yet yo married him. Willingly. No shot gun involved. Hmmm...

  2. Ask him about what he used to do to the principle with no toes?