Thursday, November 26, 2009

hi friends and family

hello friends and family.

i've heard about blogging. didn't know how to do one. my sister {affectionatly known as seester} has several blogs. i've read them and enjoyed them. thought about having one myself, but didn't get around to it. I was recently at my dads home and he shared how he now blogs. now I have to have a blog. I mean if dad has one, I should get with the times and have one as well, right. so I am putting my attempts into it. Bare with me. as with anything, it takes practice. My title, adventures in the Efaw home, sounded fitting, cuz well, frankly, it is. we do alot of laughing here. usually it is Wayne, the king of the castle, makes us laugh. Some of what I post may be at his expense. sorry honey, love ya. hopefully you all will enjoy my ramblings.

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  1. Usually it's the big sis's job to introduce lil' sis to worldly fun. I'm glad to have bucked the trend and gotten you on board!

    Luv, Seester