Saturday, October 23, 2010

a lost loved one

Our time this summer was spent at my seesters home. Our home was being raised. My seester doesn't have normal children. that is to say, hers are not human. They are four legged furry critters, but very cute and loveable. She has 5 cats and she had a dog, Zaedah.
This entry is about Zaedah.

Seester has had Zaedah for several years. she found her, or Zaedah found my seester. however ya want to say it, they found each other. Zaedah was a yellow lab, mixed with something else that i cant recall. but that doesn't matter. What matters is how everyone felt about her. There's a sayin, "To know her is to love her". I find that saying very true with Zaedah. All who knew her, loved her. She was loveable, friendly. She didn't bark all the time like most dogs. actually I don't recall her barking ever.

Unfortanitly, Zaedah was diagnosed with her 3rd bout of cancer. We were all sadden by this news. She only had a few short months to live. and they were short. But in that time, we all gave her all the special love we had for her. and extra treats.

Me and my family finally after almost 4 months, moved back into our home. for the following week I made the trip to my seesters house to see pup, my name for her. Took her out for some air, and potty time. (she had a hard time with waiting for my seester to come home). She always got excited when i walked into the house. I guess she missed me. that always made me feel real good, For I had missed her too.

The Sunday after we moved back home, I got a call from seester. She needed my husband's help. Zaedah had passed away around 8 p.m. We immediatly left for my seester's house. As I hugged her and said my goodbye's I couldnt help but be overwhelmed by tears. I tried to hold them back, I always try to stay strong for those who are down. and didnt want to get my seester upset again. But I couldn't help but let them fall. My husband and dad were out back digging for her final resting place. we all helped in burying her. it was our final goodbyes to such a wonderful, loving family member.

Zaeday pup, I love you and miss you terriably. you will always be remembered.

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